BALABAC Hidden Gems

Visit Balabac, Palawan

Balabac is a second-class municipality located at the southern end of Palawan, Philippines. This group of islands boasts of pristine beaches, flawless sandbars, gorgeous reefs, and picturesque rock formations. It is truly The Last of the Last Frontier.

The Balabac Hidden Gems Tour is KilometerZeroPH’s maiden offering. This stress-free expedition and escapade takes you to 8-10 islands, sandbars and coral gardens in 3D2N, and 12-16 spots on a 4D3N tour.

Our crew will take you to the best places depending on the tides. Snacks and lunch shall be served on board while cruising the waters or on the islands. If you are lucky, some dolphins may greet you as you pass by the Balabac Strait. There are occasional sightings of whales and manta rays too, so keep your eyes open!

When the anchor drops, you can snorkel along the shallow reefs during high tide, explore hidden sandbars during low tide, and relax on an island beach as the sun sets. You will share a sumptuous dinner with fellow guests before hanging a hammock or zipping up the tent.

Sounds good? If you’d like to visit Balabac, Book Now! Join the best hassle-free tours in Balabac, Palawan!


Balabac Palawan - Balabac Hidden Gems

Here are our published schedules for joiners:

2018 Schedules:
• 4D3N Aug 18-21, 2018
• 4D3N Sept 3-6, 2018 (pooling)
• 4D3N Nov 1-4, 2018 (All Saint’s Day)
• 3D2N Nov 4-6, 2018
• 4D3N Nov 24- 27, 2018
• 4D3N Nov 30- Dec 3, 2018 (Bonifacio Day)

2019 Schedules:
• 4D3N Feb 2-5, 2019
• 4D3N Feb 22-25, 2019 (EDSA Anniv)
• 4D3N Mar 22-25, 2019
• 5D4N Apr 17-21, 2019 (Holy Week)
• 4D3N Apr 18-21, 2019 (Holy Week)


Joiner Rates for published schedules:

  • 3D2N – P11,000
  • 4d3N – P13,500
  • 5d4N – P15,250

Emai us for group bookings to receive discounted rates!


Day 0 21:00 – Fly in / Arrival in Puerto Princesa
Day 1 02:00 – Pick-up from Hotel / Departure from Puerto Princesa
Day 1 07:00 – Arrival in Jump-Off Point/port
Day 1 08:00 – Island / sandbar hopping (full day)
Day 1 18:00 – Camp
Day 2 08:00 – Island / sandbar hopping (full day)
Day 2 18:00 – Camp
Day 3 08:00 – Island / sandbar hopping (half day)
Day 3 12:00 – Departure from campsite
Day 3 15:00 – Back to Jump-Off Point/port
Day 3 15:15 – Departure from Jump-Off Point/port
Day 3 21:00 – Arrival in Puerto Princesa
Day 4 10:00 – Fly out


Day 0 21:00 – Fly in / Arrival in Puerto Princesa / meet-up
Day 1 00:00 – Departure from Puerto Princesa
Day 1 07:00 – Arrival in Jump-Off Point/port
Day 1 08:00 – Island / sandbar hopping (full day)
Day 1 17:00 – Camp
Day 2 08:00 – Island / sandbar hopping (full day)
Day 2 17:00 – Camp
Day 3 08:00 – Island / sandbar hopping (full day)
Day 3 17:00 – Camp
Day 4 08:00 – Island / sandbar hopping (half day)
Day 4 12:00 – Departure from campsite
Day 4 15:00 – Back to Jump-Off Point/port
Day 4 15:15 – Departure from Jump-Off Point/port
Day 4 21:00 – Arrival in Puerto Princesa
Day 5 10:00 – Fly out


Day 0 21:00 – Fly in / Arrival in Puerto Princesa / meet-up
Day 1 00:00 – Departure from Puerto Princesa
Day 1 07:00 – Arrival in Jump-Off Point/port
Day 1 08:00 – Island / sandbar hopping (full day)
Day 1 17:00 – Camp
Day 2 08:00 – Island / sandbar hopping (full day)
Day 2 17:00 – Camp
Day 3 08:00 – Island / sandbar hopping (full day)
Day 3 17:00 – Camp
Day 4 08:00 – Island / sandbar hopping (full day)
Day 4 17:00 – Camp
Day 4 08:00 – Island / sandbar hopping (half day)
Day 5 12:00 – Departure from campsite
Day 5 15:00 – Back to Jump-Off Point/port
Day 5 15:15 – Departure from Jump-Off Point/port
Day 5 21:00 – Arrival in Puerto Princesa
Day 6 10:00 – Fly out


  • Round trip AC van transfer except for 4 pax and below (PPS-Jump-Off Point-PPS / 5-6 hrs travel time)
  • Boat fees, island hopping, community fees
  • Full board meals and drinking water
  • Accommodation: tents and hammocks
  • Access to generator
  • Travel insurance


  • Airfare
  • Pre & post-tour Accommodation in PPS (Day 0 and Day 3/4)
    • Partner Hotels: LeMon Pension (budget), Mercedes Bed and Breakfast (mid-range), Marianne Hotel (mid-range)

OPTIONAL SERVICES (may be availed separately via KMZ):

  • Airline ticketing service to and from Puerto Princesa
  • Hotel accommodation reservations in Puerto Princesa


  • Island hopping, snorkeling (bring your own mask and snorkel).


  • Dry Bag
  • Refillable water bottle and/or extra water & snacks
  • Malong / blanket / sleeping bag
  • Reef-friendly Sunblock
  • Insect repellent / bug spray (coconut oil works best)
  • Rashguard
  • Long sleeves / leggings (to avoid sand fleas / niknik bites – they are really itchy)
  • Flash light / head lamp
  • Powerbanks
  • Camera
  • Snorkel gears
  • Garbage bag for waterproofing of things
  • Bonamine
  • Personal Medicines / First Aid Kit


  1. Email us your name, mobile number, headcount, and flight details, if available.
  2. Down payment PHP 1,000.00 (non-refundable, but transferable) is required to reserve a slot.
    • Timeline of Payment:
      • Down payment of PHP 1,000.00 is required upon reservation for published dates.
      • Down payment of 50% is required 2 months before the tour..
      • Remaining balance should be fully-paid 7 days BEFORE travel date.
  3. Send a copy of the deposit slip to  with the following details:
    • Subject line: Balabac Tour <travel dates eg. May 16-18, 2017> – #of Pax
  4. Wait for a response confirming your reservation / receipt of payment within 48 hours.
    • Tour itinerary, details and reminders will be sent to confirmed participants at least 3 days before the tour.
  5. KMZ should be informed of cancellations/reschedule no later than 14 days before the tour date.
    • In case of voluntary cancellations, DP is non-refundable but transferable
      (it is the client’s responsibility to look for a replacement)
    • 50% Cancellation/Reschedule Fee – for voluntary cancellations/reschedule made 7 days before the travel date.
    • 100% Cancellation Fee – for last-minute cancellations (made less than 7 days before the travel date).
    • KMZ will only cancel a tour due to force majeure.


  • Bank  Account Information is available at the respective registration forms.


Q1: Who is our boat captain?
A1: Our trusted boat captain and tour guide is no other than Kap Andong. In cases where he is not available, he will be substituted by his crew members he personally trained.

Q2: Are the KMZ ladies always on tour with the guests?
A2: No, not in all tours, but rest assured you are well-taken care of by Kap Andong and his crew.

Q3: Where do we camp?
A3: Our campsite is in Canibungan or Canabungan island, where facilities are currently being built to make the trip convenient for our guests. Our guests can enjoy a clean camp, sunrise and sunset views, snorkeling areas and a beach-bumming area where there are lots of starfish! Access to a generator is also available for our guests. For those wishing for an extended stay might be able to camp on other islands.

Q4: Are there facilities/toilets in the islands?
A4: While most of the islands are not developed, our basecamp in Canibungan is improving over time. We have several areas for camping, and nipa huts are being constructed to provide more comfort for our guests. There is a tiled toilet, and shower areas are also available near the wells.

Q5: When is the best time to go?
A5: Balabac has fair weather year-round but expect high waves during Amihan season (January and February) so there’s a risk of not being able to visit as many islands as we normally can.

Q6: What are the islands included?
A6: We’ll take you to 3-4 islands and sandbars per day. The destination varies depending on the tides and the waves, but we assure you, our crew knows when is the best time to visit a particular island or sandbar. Popular islands are Patawan, Bugsuk (Sebaring), and Candaraman. Angela Sandbar in Mansalangan is always included. We will keep the rest as a surprise. Besides, this is an adventure so we do not follow a fixed itinerary.

Q7: For tours with 4 or less participants, how do we go to Balabac?
A7: KMZ will arrange van pick-up in Puerto Princesa but van won’t be exclusive to the guests. Additional instructions will be included on the itinerary that will be sent to the participants.

Q8: What kind of food is served during the tour?
A8: The menu per meal differs. While there are meat and chicken viands, there is mostly seafood. So if you have allergies or other preferences, please advise us ahead of time so we can prepare a different set for you. The 4-day menu would usually include Filipino favorites such as Tinola, Sinigang na Isda, Kare-Kare, Sweet and Sour Fish, Fried Chicken, and Steamed Crabs for Lunch/Dinner. Breakfasts may be dried fish, hotdogs, fried eggs, noodles, etc. It may vary depending on what is available from the day’s catch of the local fishermen or at the market. If your group would like to request for Lobsters, please advise us a week ahead so we can order for you.

Q9: Can we have our own tour schedule outside of the published schedule?
A9: Yes, as long as there are at least 5 participants.

Q10: What are the things we need to bring?
A10: Please check Important Things to Bring section above.


  1. Practice the LNT principle. Do not leave trash in the islands. Conserve water.
  2. Take good care of KMZ & Camp properties. Guests will be liable for any damages and losses such as tents, solar lamps, etc.
  3. Minimize noise in the islands. Respect the locals and the communities. Smile when you meet them.
  4. Respect the coordinators and the boat crew. Do not treat them like your slaves.
  5. Be responsible of your personal belongings. Do not be a burden to other people. Act maturely.
  6. Make friends during the tour. No man is an island.


This adventure is not for everyone. We follow a no-hour-per-hour itinerary. Anything goes — rough waves, rain, tough winds, sand flea bites, delayed departure and/or arrival, delayed meal times, no toilets. Expect the unexpected. Step out of your comfort zone. If you can’t handle these, do not join our tours.

For more information, email us

* Kilometer Zero PH and our events are not connected to Rombo Balabac Adventure.

Cabcabun Islet, Balabac, Palawan

4 thoughts on “BALABAC Hidden Gems

  1. I’m interested to visit the island and do a side trip to visit t Balabac poblacion and the municipal hall need to check the birth certificate and death certificate of my grandfather _Alejandro Ponce De Leon (former judge of Balabac-but not sure where specifically in Balabac). I’ve been to several municipalities in Palawan but never been to Balabac so not so familiar with this area hope Kilometer Zero Ph could help me. Thank you!

  2. HI. I will be ariving at PPS on August 18 around 3 pm until August 23 2 pm. Please advise if there are joiners tour which I can be part of. I am with my 1 year old daughter.

    1. Hi Kimberly!
      Thanks for your inquiry. We have a tour that starts on the 18th (2am pick-up from Puerto Princesa). We may be able to arrange a tour for you, but due to the route, you would only be able to join the tour on the 20th. Please send us an email at and we will assist you further.

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