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I have been travelling for a few years already. But I hardly blogged as I was busy with work as soon as I get back to the office.


Just as I brought a second-hand DSLR, I started travelling more. I took time to improve my craft. I wasn’t as diligent in studying photography like the other riding the DSLR wave. At that time, I was still sending my brothers to school, and my budget didn’t allow me to have all the gadgets that I wanted, nor enroll in Basic Photography until right about the time I got my first paying photography gig.

Fast-forward until today, I have been able to visit and experience more of the Philippines, and some countries in Southeast Asia. I have tons of photos filling almost 2 Gigabytes worth of space.

I have a lot of stories to tell.



In this blog, I plan to share with you my experiences via interesting snaps and images that have made a mark on eye, mind and heart. There will be a mix of throwback and new photos. From straight-out-of-cam to processed images and videos as learn how to edit.

So, will you join me on this journey?

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