Welcome to Rugged Pixie!

Welcome to Rugged Pixie! This is the same @BossAel who got out of office.

I had a hard time thinking about a new alias – something that would reflect my personality and something that would separate me from the office setting, now that I am considering the whole world as my office.

I liked being in corporate, but the one year career break got extended, and I like being free! I’m not sure if and when I get back to the regular office setting, but I’m taking it as it goes. I like being creative, and this blog is dedicated to my Travels and Photography. I hope you would enjoy this as much as I am thrilled to take you with me on a journey.

My recent trip was a roller-coaster of emotions. I had the pleasure of coordinating our adventurous guests to my favorite group of islands, had a sad discovery, and while on the middle of the ocean – as I ride a small boat navigating big waves, I thought about my travel style.

I’m not used to luxurious fancy hotels, I do enjoy them when there are corporate events. But I have to be honest, I am not that rich yet to go on luxury trips out of my own pocket. I wasn’t born with a silver spoon, and I had to work during college. After leaving the university, I helped out my family by sending my brothers to school. Yes, I was the typical Filipino who thought about my siblings welfare before my own. At least I got to give them an opportunity to help themselves in the future. As of now, one brother is already working, I just need to get the other one up to speed.

Back to my travel style. I don’t mind sleeping on tents or hammocks, as long as I get a rich experience in travel. I love being able to interact with locals, learning about their culture, and being able to see breathtaking sceneries and capturing them on my camera.

As I go through this photographic journey, I am continually amazed by what I discover. I know I have a lot more to learn. I’d like to master the skills, but I’m taking my sweet time to practice and enjoy the process.

The travel series that I’ll share with you on this blog doesn’t aim to give you the tips on going to a destination on a budget. This is more of my Travel and Photography Diary where I share with you stories behind the photos and some tips on what I do to take and process these images. I hope these would be able to inspire you as a traveler, as a photographer, and as a human being.

So let me take you to the places I’ve been, and let’s plan on where to go next.

Let’s go!

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