What got me started?


I started travelling in 2005, when a bunch of old officemates planned a summer getaway to Puerto Galera. I also went to Laiya, Batangas with high school friends and Nasugbu with my college org. I attended team buildings out of town, and also organized a few of them myself. My first solo trip was in Puerto Galera, because it’s familiar. But I haven’t gone there in recent years. I signed up for Travel Factor’s Photoholic Ilocos, and I joined a few more trips them as well. They’re the pioneer of hassle-free travel for busy working yuppies. And I was really glad they were there. I had my adrenaline fix when some officemates invited me to do wakeboarding in Batangas, then in CWC.

Project Jomalig Batch 1But the most memorable trip for me was my Jomalig Journey in 2013. I realized that the impact of tourists/travelers in a destination can help improve the lives of those who lived there. Journeying James organized #ProjectJomalig to bring multivitamins and nutripacks to the undernourished kids in this island municipality of Quezon. We were 10 travelers who started a 6-month program to give aid to the kids there.

From that point, I often traveled with 3 other friends I have met there, Marco, Meg and Koko. We have backpacked our way to some of the most interesting destinations here in the Philippines as we grew our friendship and tagged-along Marco de PH‘s crazy mission to cover all the cities and municipalities of
Luzon, which he eventually decided to cover all the 1634 cities and municipalities of the Philippines.


During the last batch of #ProjectJomalig, I also met Anj and Kevin, who shared the same passion for off-beat travels. Bang, Anj and I eventually founded KilometerZeroPH in 2014, a small boutique travel company that offers tours to Balabac, Palawan and other destinations.

So that was the beginning. But the nicer question would be where am I heading next?

In the next entries, I will share with you the destinations that made a mark on my eye, mind and heart. I hope you enjoy reading this blog.

What got me started?

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